Beer has been around since the dawn of man.  Today there is such variety that there is a beer for every occasion and every mood. Explore the world of beer and food with Prud'homme Beer Sommelier Nick Aiello.  These programs are a fun night out with friends or a date night away from the kids.  Entertaining clients has never been so delicious!


 Welcome to Beer will take you on a journey from hops to the finished product.

Welcome to Beer

This course is a great base for those looking to get into either the beer or hospitality industry.  It is also fantastic for anyone who whats to learn a little more about beer.

Let us take you on a journey from hops to the finished product.  Nick's "edutainment"  style of teaching is guaranteed to be a great time.

 From grain to glass

From Grain to Glass

From Grain to Glass is an exploration of how different grains effect beer.  How does barley change the taste of beer?  What about rye or wheat?  Find out by sampling different grains and tasting four different malt-forward beers in this fun and informative tasting.  Discover how beer truly goes from grain to glass.

 Hops makes beer taste great!

Not for the Faint of Hops

Are you a Hop Head?  Want to find out what that means?  This tasting dives into the wonderful world of, what else, hops.  Find out why it is “the plant of the year”.  From subtle to not so subtle, learn how hops are complex, misunderstood, and vital to the beer making process.

 Weissbier tastes great!

Wheat Beer - Weiss vs. Wit

Wheat beer is to summer as hot cocoa is to winter.  With patio season fast approaching come learn about how amazing these thirst quenching beers can be.  This course will guide you through the delicious differences between wheat beers from Germany, Belgium and North America.

 Beer and food pairing

Intro to Beer and Food Pairing

The only thing better than beer is beer and food.  This course takes an introductory look at beer and food pairings, and is great for foodie and beer-lover alike.  Learn about pairing concepts, seasonality, and what beer to pair with every course. 

*Please advise us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

 Don't be afraid of the dark

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Are you nervous, apprehensive, on-the-fence about dark beer?  You no longer have to be afraid.  In this course you will find out the myths about dark beer, what the colour of a beer really means and … oh yeah, they are delicious!

 Lager vs. Ale

Ale vs. Lager

There are over 140 styles of beer; but only two types: Ales and Lagers.  In this course you will explore the fundamental difference of these two types of beer.  From scientific difference to flavour profiles, you will leave this class informed and picking a side.